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Perform complex calculations more quickly and securely.

Enomic Calculation: software for complex calculation tasks

With the Enomic Calculation software, you can perform calculations based on your tried and tested company-specific calculation logic - only faster, more flexibly and more securely.

Calculating complex calculations requires a lot of expert knowledge, whether in sales, production, controlling or management. Support from ERP systems, sector software or CRM systems is usually unsatisfactory and spreadsheets are not viable in the long term either, since the complexity required to maintain and use them requires a lot of effort and makes them prone to errors. Things are completely different with Enomic Calculation.

Reliability and convenience for your calculation tasks

Optimise your company-specific calculations with Enomic Calculation, the adaptable calculation software for rule-based calculations. Its advantages are clear:

  • Perform individual calculations with optimum reliability
  • Minimise the time needed for calculation tasks
  • Automate tried and tested calculation methods flexibly and correctly
  • Retain your established calculation schema
  • Take advantage of time savings and calculation security when negotiating prices
  • Determine customer-specific prices for individual and bulk transactions
  • Support controlling with specific analyses and meaningful reports

Thanks to the Enomic principle, your calculation software is always efficient, whether you are defining and updating your calculation rules or using it on a daily basis. Your calculation tasks are always under control.

Flexible and powerful: Enomic Calculation

  • Rule-based calculation of products, processes and services
  • Automated pricing and calculation
  • Budgeting, planning and forecasts
  • Variable price differentiation (dynamic pricing, real-time pricing, time-based pricing)
  • Dynamic revenue and capacity control (yield management, revenue management)
  • Version management, simulation and documentation
  • Controlling, analyses and reporting