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Dynamic pricing, maximum revenue

With the Enomic Calculation computation software, you create a solid foundation for your company's individual calculations.

Enomic Calculation provides more precision, transparency and speed in calculations without any compromises having to be made with the standard calculation methods of an ERP system or sector software, or time-consuming and error-prone data maintenance in spreadsheets.

This benefits not only users in calculations and sales, but also management, your IT department and your customers.

Users in calculations and sales

The guided calculations support sales staff and persons responsible for calculations in their day-to-day work. Offers, price negotiations, product developments, planning and cost analyses, all can be calculated in an instant!


Corporate management and executive board

Enomic Calculation makes prices competitive AND commercially correct. These are critical advantages!


System administration and IT management

Enomic Calculation supports complex calculations more flexibly and efficiently than ERP systems and sector software, more reliably and with less maintenance than using spreadsheets. Trained users from the specialist departments can set up and update the calculation schema independently.



Instantly correct calculations mean smooth price negotiations, prompt offers and fast decisions. This will also please your customers.