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Enomic Calculation in practice

Company-specific calculations often overload the performance and/or flexibility of ERP or CRM systems and sector software. Spreadsheets are not usually a long-term, viable solution either, since the complexity required to maintain and use them requires a lot of effort and makes them prone to errors. This has been proved by numerous completed projects. Things are better with Enomic Calculation.


"Calculations reduced from 5 days to 20 minutes"

Swisscom Banking Provider AG offers more than 500 services that needed be recalculated in 2011 after the company extensively migrated its systems. Enomic Calculation was implemented to do this and has been successfully in use ever since.


Energy supplier eprimo uses Enomic Calculation

The energy supplier eprimo is the central discounter for electritity and gas from RWE. To support its calculation eprimo uses the Enomic Calculation software - with SAP IS-U integration.


Quickly and precisely calculate media campaigns, services and discounts

The Media Plan agency has been organising advertising spaces and slots for external advertising displays, sport marketing and radio advertising since 1996. Enomic Calculation accelerates the calculation, detailed planning and evaluation of media campaigns.