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Configurator software accelerates processes and minimizes revisions

Enomic Configurator guides users easily through the configuration process. Product specifications are quickly created from customer requirements so customers receive the ideal proposed solution. When an order is placed, correct work plans and parts lists are transferred directly to production.

Our configurator software therefore makes customer-specific, one-off production efficient for sales, construction and production, as well as management and the IT department. It also makes your customers happy.

Users in sales, construction and production

The software's guided configuration supports sales, construction and production staff in configuring and specifying complex products and solutions. With Enomic Configurator, you can always configure products quickly and reliably and without the need for time-consuming revisions between departments. This eliminates any queries or clarifications in order processing.


Corporate management and executive board

Enomic Configurator ensures quality and speeds up central company processes. Reviews and throughput times are shortened, errors are avoided and routine work is reduced, thereby boosting your competitive advantage.


System administration and IT management

The persons responsible for the configurator system directly benefit from Enomic Configurator since documenting and updating expert knowledge can be carried out independently by the specialist departments. IT management can also be certain that our software seamlessly integrates into the system environment.



Your customers will also benefit from correctly specified solutions, short response times, and swift project execution. With products that are tailored precisely to your customers' requirements and a high quality of service, you are building the foundations of stable business relationships with satisfied customers.