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Benefits to your whole company

With Enomic Offer you can respond more quickly to customer inquiries and create targeted, sales-driven offers, thereby generating more orders.

Enomic Offer has specific advantages for all departments involved, whether sales, management or IT. Most importantly, your customers will also benefit from the optimum service you can provide with Enomic Offer.


Sales team users

Enomic Offer supports customer dialogue by guiding users through the order creation process. Need to create an offer quickly? It’s done in record time!


Sales and corporate management

Enomic Offer strengthens your company’s market position and competitiveness. Sales-driven order creation with Enomic Offer assures more orders.


System administration and IT management

System managers can also benefit from Enomic Offer: regulations can be directly mapped and updated by product managers, designers and employees in the specialist department.



All of Enomic Offer’s advantages have one common objective: successful sales to satisfied customers. After all, with Enomic Offer, your customers will benefit from a fast and optimum service.