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Product configuration on the Internet - your competitive edge

Whether for configuring individual products, intelligent product searches or online consulting, Enomic Webconfigurator can tap into the advantages of online configuration systems for your company as well.

Our online product configurator promotes sales, improves your service quality and at the same time helps you save costs. This has great benefits for sales and marketing, management and IT managers - and also your customers.


Sales and marketing

Enomic Webconfigurator provides excellent services for marketing your products. At the same time, it frees up your in-house sales staff from responding to standard queries. This is equally beneficial to sales and marketing and results in additional interested parties, more time for qualified sales discussions, and increased sales.


Corporate management and executive board

Enomic Webconfigurator opens up new potentials for sales, serving as a strategic tool for marketing, sales and process optimisation. This gives you a competitive edge!


System administration and IT management

Enomic Webconfigurator offers all functions for effectively and efficiently realising individual online product configurators. The project logic can usually be mapped directly by product managers, constructors and employees of specialist departments.



Enomic Webconfigurator enables customers to find and compile suitable products themselves, even with complex and varied products. This means they can obtain in-depth information about interesting products before they buy them, and leisurely customise them as required.