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Intelligent cockpit: the configurator for products, prices and documents

Powerful core, powerful system

A configurator is at the core of Enomic's software. What's so special about this tool? It manages highly complex business logic efficiently in a flexible body of rules, and provides the knowledge stored in it specifically for the required application, whether Enomic Offer, Enomic Configurator, Enomic Calculation or Enomic Webconfigurator. This also means that you can expand your system if necessary.

Technically verified and feasible

Companies appreciate the configurator because it automatically provides the correct specification and ensures feasibility, even with highly complex products. At the same time, the configurator makes the configuration process considerably faster and simpler.

Flexible rule engine and parameterisation

You can also structure and update your data easily with the configurator. Even extremely complex interactions can be mapped using flexibly-defined rules and parameters. Furthermore, for each logic, you can save graphics, films and other files that you support during the configuration process and which simultaneously act as elements for automatic document generation.

Simple variant management

Managing and maintaining variants in an ERP system for example is often very time-consuming. Not so with Enomic, where variant management is simplified considerably by relocating the variant topic directly to the configurator. A move that considerably reduces the maintenance effort required.

Thanks to the Enomic principle, our customers usually maintain the configurator themselves after training. This reduces the project's workload, makes you independent, and secures your know-how in the company.

Variable document generation

Do you want to generate customer-specific documents? This is easy with the configurator and doesn't create any additional work. When they specify the product, users automatically create all necessary content such as item texts, diagrams or parts lists. This results in sales-focussed and customer-specific offers, made possible by rule-based text modules including parameterisation and intelligent templates.

Securely calculated

The configurator also performs calculations. The software calculates complex conditions and prices using the body of rules even while the product is being specified. Fast, correct and reliable, even for less-experienced users.

Protect your know-how

Your company's know-how is stored in the configurator in the form of rules. This makes knowledge available at any time and ensures your independence.

Individual interface

Enomic software offers individual application screens which make using the system easier and reduce the amount of training required. Optionally, the configured contents can also be displayed graphically. In this way, you immediately have a visual idea of the current configuration.

Convenient basic configurations

A clever way to make work easier: predefined configurations can be stored directly in the system. To do this, a framework of configuration steps is defined and stored so they can be called up as required and can be enhanced at any time.

Optimum performance

The configurator is very economical! It executes precisely those selected rules that are required for the configuration. A consistent configuration is ensured at all times by permanent rule verifications, omitting the need for time-consuming debugging.