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A powerful team: your existing systems and our software.

Interface made easy

Our long-standing experience shows that software solutions from Enomic can be easily integrated with and enhance the functional scope of your existing systems such as ERM, CRM or webshop.

With Enomic, users have direct access to additional functions such as offer creation, product configuration and calculations, if necessary directly from their favourite programs. This is made possible by seamlessly integrating the Enomic software into the IT system network.

Fluid working processes

If you like, you can start the Enomic application directly from the programs you normally work with. You can therefore use existing data relating to customers, contacts, production and inventories with the additional data and functions from Enomic's software.

At the end, all relevant data is returned to the ERP or CRM system. If an order is placed, you can also submit parts lists, work plans and technical drawings to the necessary IT systems. This accelerates processes between departments and keeps the data centrally available.

Seamless integration

Enomic software is especially adaptable. It can be fully embedded in existing business software or in tried and tested individual solutions. What's more, it enhances the performance of the existing software with additional Enomic software functions.

Systems (selection)

We connect Enomic's software to systems that are widely-used in the market:


  • Logo SAP

    SAP integration

    Among other things, Enomic was developed for companies that use SAP as ERP or CRM solutions. Our enhancement for SAP offers individual functions such as product configuration, an offer system or calculations.

  • Logo Oracle

    Oracle Integration

    Enomic provides customers with Oracle ERP, database, or CRM (Siebel) additonal features to create quotation, compute calculations and configure products.

  • Logo Microsoft

    Microsoft integration

    Companies with MS Dynamics or other Microsoft components use Enomic for individual functions for all business processes in sales, production and management.

  • Logo Infor

    Infor integration

    In the system environment with Infor, Enomic creates an interactive system to support the entire sales process - from offers to orders - even for highly complex products.

  • Logo Sage

    Sage integration

    With Sage systems, Enomic acts as a system enhancement for individual features in the fields of offers, product specification and pricing.

  • Logo proAlpha

    Proalpha integration

    In the system network with Proalpha, Enomic provides practical functions for accelerating offer creation, product specification and calculations.

  • Logo Abas

    abas integration

    Our Enomic solution for abas ERP systems provides features that accelerate the entire business process chain.

  • Logo IBM

    IBM integration

    Among other things, Enomic was developed for companies with IBM systems. Our solution for IBM systems comprises individual functions for the entire business process chain.

  • Logo SalesForce

    Salesforce integration

    In Salesforce, Enomic can be started just by pressing a button. It guides users through specifying products, creating offers and pricing, and also updates the data on completion.

  • Logo CAS

    CAS integration

    Enomic is also developed for companies using CAS as a CRM system. Here, Enomic offers individual functions in an extremely short implementation time. For sales, production and management.

  • Logo SuperOffice

    SuperOffice integration

    Companies with SuperOffice as their CRM system use Enomic to create offers, configure products and to perform calculations.

  • Logo Heiler

    Heiler integration

    Enomic was also developed for companies that use Heiler as PIM or ERP systems. Heiler Systeme enhances our software with individual functions such as product configuration, offer system or calculations.

  • Logo Oxaion

    Oxaion integration

    Enomic software integrates Oxaion systems and expands the ERP functionality to support offer creation, calculation and product configuration.

  • Logo Dymatrix

    Dymatrix Integration

    Customers using Dymatrix systems profit from Enomic software by its additional features like: offer creation, calculation and product configuration.

  • Logo Magento

    Magento integration

    Enomic provides specific online applications for the Magento webshop such as web configurators for complex products.

  • Default System

    [+] Your IT system

    Enomic offers a lot of experience in IT system integration. We integrate your IT system into our modern configurator solution as well!