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Solve complex tasks efficiently: Enomic is programmed to do this.

Enomic technology for superior software solutions

With Enomic we offer you unique, rule-based software solutions that are optimally integrated with an extremely short implementation time. The sound technological competence of the Enomic software is based on many years of experience and a team of committed experts. These all go towards making Enomic efficient on principle.

Build on solid foundations

Our Enomic product family is based on future-proof standards such as Java, JSF/servlets, XML and HTML. This makes Enomic's software extremely adaptable, versatile, and ultra-flexible.

By consistently implementing international technological standards, we can optimally integrate existing IT systems (ERP, CRM etc.).

We have been working with the Internet and its technology since 1998.

Our smart solution

Cleverly combining these technologies is the secret of our success: they are the basis of our unique Enomic algorithm and the extraordinary flexibility of our solutions is the result of them.

Principle of success: flexibility

Enomic software runs on all common operating systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris or i5/OS. It can be used by several users simultaneously and also be used on the Internet, mobile or offline.

If customers require, we can use databases such as Oracle, DB/2, MS SQL, mySQL, sapDB/maxDB, Sybase, Informix or PostgreSQL.

The Enomic integrated in-memory data base accelerates mass data computing, if needed.