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Comprehensive functions, cost-effective maintenance: part of the Enomic principle

Implementation and system maintenance - efficient on principle

Product configurators are especially suited to optimising business processes for winning orders (sales, acquisitions and much more) and fulfilling orders (construction, production, etc.). The initial and subsequent maintenance work determines the cost-effectiveness of such a solution.

Maintenance as a criterion for success

Conventional configurator systems rely on the procedure-based processing of calculation steps. The disadvantage of this is that complex tasks cause this body of rules to grow enormously, and maintaining and updating these rules becomes costly and complex. In the worst case scenario, the system becomes impossible to maintain.

Take advantage of the Enomic principle

With Enomic, things are different. Thanks to our sophisticated Enomic algorithm, product logic can be mapped in clear sub-steps. Each sub-step describes only the variable that it affects, meaning that the body of rules remains manageable. If anything changes, only the relevant sub-step has to be changed or enhanced, thereby ensuring the system remains transparent and easy to manage. We call that the Enomic principle.

What makes Enomic so efficient

Highly abstracting sub-steps ensures that they are easy to understand and maintain, particularly with large and complex configurations. Working with Enomic is so simple that our customers usually maintain the configurator themselves after training, although they don't have to and we would be happy to implement and update it for them. Cost-effectively, of course.

Always powerful

It's not just rule maintenance that benefits from the Enomic principle; it also results in the system having the highest standards when it comes to variability and performance. The body of rules simplifies even the most complex product and business logic, while the clever algorithm means that only a limited number of rules have to be executed. Achieve goals more quickly. Efficient on principle.