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Your customers receive exactly what they need. Quickly and in detail.

Correct product specifications in an instant

Today, customers expect products and services that are tailored to suit their needs. Customised problem solutions and tailor-made product variants are the answer, but are often uneconomical for providers. That's not the case with Enomic.

Results with Enomic

  • Guided product configuration
  • No need for revisions
  • Automatic plausibility check
  • Accurate specifications
  • Saves correction runs
  • Accelerates throughput times
  • Rapid response times
  • Specific process support
  • Connection to ERP and CRM systems
  • Integration of Word, Excel and Outlook

The starting point for most of our customers.

Correctly specifying complex products often requires prolonged revisions between sales, construction and production, which slows down day-to-day business. Furthermore, numerous correction runs are usually necessary to convert a customer requirement into a product that is precise and can be produced. Each change, enhancement or variant means this has to be done all over again.

The efficient solution? With Enomic's configuration application, this marathon of internal reviews becomes a thing of the past.

Expert knowledge is no longer a bottleneck

Enomic creates time for essential work, meaning that valuable personnel resources are no longer unnecessarily burdened with revision tasks. Routine work and standard queries can be handled within the shortest space of time so that customers receive your offer promptly.

Error-free specification

Combining product variants quickly and correctly - even with the most complex products and solutions - is easy and efficient with Enomic. The software guides you through the selection and ensures technical feasibility in the background.

The best-possible solution found by any editing agent

With Enomic you always ensure the best-possible solution both for customers and your company. The software reliably complies with standards defined by the company.

Integration instead of excessive tools

Copying data manually from ERP or CRM systems into Excel or Word is a process that is both laborious and prone to errors, which is why Enomic Configurator seamlessly integrates with them. As a result, you can start Enomic directly from your usual working environment (such as an ERP or CRM system), create the solution you require, and transfer the relevant data to the corresponding systems. This results in efficient, fluid business processes between sales, construction and production.