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More dynamic sales: 100% correct offers in 20% of the time.

Generate technically specified, perfectly designed offers

Creating offers is often time-consuming and expensive, especially when it comes to correctly specifying products, performing reliable calculations, and creating and compiling sales documentation. This means customers have to wait longer for their quotation.

Not if you use Enomic! With our software, you can create offers in the shortest space of time and with up to 80% time savings. Your offers are reliably calculated, perfectly designed and technically specified, resulting in thoroughly satisfied customers.

Results with Enomic

  • Quickly create offers
  • Prompt customer service
  • Fewer revisions required
  • Short throughput times
  • Automatic plausibility check
  • Assured offer quality
  • Accurate offers
  • Reliable pricing (CPQ - configure price quote)
  • Attractive presentation
  • Optimal interdepartmental teamwork

Create offers faster

Drawing up, revising and documenting complex request for quotations can take up many valuable working hours. Win this time back! With Enomic, you considerably reduce throughput times between enquiries and offers. The expert knowledge saved in the configurator make most rounds of reviews between sales, construction and production superfluous. At the same time, everything is specified correctly, both technically and in terms of content. And, incidentally, you create offer variants at the same time as well.

Constant quality

The technical and commercial quality of an offer often largely depends on who created it. With Enomic, you can ensure your sales staff always achieve the best possible results. Customers receive a solution that meets their requirements, can easily be implemented by production, and is at the right price for corporate management — competitively and commercially verified.

Optimum offer documents

Do you typically base your offers on previous offers and modify them according to the customer's request? Or do you maintain comprehensive draft offers containing all possible variations, and revise them until they meet requirements? If so, then you can certainly avoid the unpleasant mistakes that can result from this way of working. With Enomic, you can generate customer-specific, sales-orientated offer documentation just by pressing a button. You can also have numerous attachments, variants and even foreign languages. This guarantees better quality offers and also saves time and costs. Even at calls for bids since GAEB or QAF are integrated!