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Open up and utilise expert knowledge for third parties

Involve customers and partners in sales processes

The more complex products are and the more explanation they require, the more difficult it is to sell them through partners, or even directly to end customers. This makes working together with subsidiaries and intermediaries even more complicated, since many technical details, commercial conditions and detailed processes have to be accurately taken into account.

Results with Enomic

  • Would you like to realise a product configurator for your website?
  • Guided product configuration
  • Rule-based consulting
  • Independent product selection
  • Ongoing plausibility check
  • Accurate product specifications
  • Calculation and pricing
  • For sales, retailers and customers
  • Free up product experts
  • Online via Internet, offline with data replication

Professional know-how for your partners

Technical revisions and checking for correctness are bottlenecks. After all, sales partners, retailers and customers cannot independently select products that meet their requirements, or configure their own solutions, if they need to rely on expert know-how from specialist departments. A configuration system from Enomic can help: it enables your partners to design even complex solutions themselves. Correctly, securely, quickly.

Around the clock, all over the world

International sales markets intensify the problem further, since foreign languages make communicating correctly with specialist departments even more difficult, while different time zones make it harder to coordinate business times. Thanks to Enomic, your partners become actively independent; solutions are specified, customers consulted, prices calculated and offer documents generated, without any involvement from head office at all. Yet despite all this, there is no problem in creating the products once orders are placed.

Gain and retain customers

Even full customer service can be enabled if your product portfolio is suitable for it. This frees up your internal resources in sales and organisation and also opens up new potentials for sales. After all, many customers value the option of leisurely selecting a product that meets their requirements at a time that suits them. A strategic advantage over your competition.