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Going back to essential tasks makes processes more efficient and your experts happy.

Free up product experts and production specialists from sales tasks

In many companies, specifying and calculating complex products requires assistance from product specialists in the offer process. This is why engineers and experts from specialist departments are often overloaded with sales tasks. This wastes valuable time that is missing for their actual development, construction and production work, even though they are already a scarce resource in the company.

It doesn't have to be that way. With Enomic you can free up your experts from sales tasks.

Results with Enomic

  • Less need for revisions between sales and technology
  • Plausibility check results in guaranteed feasibility
  • Expert knowledge accessible across departments
  • Less sales work required in construction and production
  • Free up product experts
  • Reduces skill shortages
  • Faster response to customer queries

Complex products and solutions? Specified independently by your sales team

With Enomic's offer system, sales staff can specify even complex solutions themselves.

The product knowledge they need, including all regulations, is stored in a flexible body of rules. Sales staff can be guided through the steps to configure the required solution, including technical verifications, calculations, and generating all documents.

Even with specific customer requirements from a wide and complex product range, the sales team can offer the appropriate product without having to reply on support from experts.

Skills shortage is stopped

Lots of companies struggle to find skilled experts. Enomic software ends skills shortage. It frees up engineers and other specialists from technical routines and plausibility checks. Other employees are enabled to configure products individually - fast, correct and independent.