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Give your sales team what it needs. More time for customers and acquisitions!

Ensure the best-possible support for your sales process

In many companies, sales teams are faced with high demands. Competent product consulting, attractive presentation and short throughput times are all necessary. Selling complex products and services promptly requires IT systems that can automate specific processes and flexibly support consultants. However, software such as ERP, CRM or CAD have other core task areas.

Enomic enhances these systems with functions that assist the sales team in correctly specifying products and solutions: product configuration, calculations and offer creation.

Results with Enomic

  • Do you want to optimise your sales processes?
  • Automate sales processes
  • Reduce the need for revisions
  • Offer variants independently
  • Even suitable for complex products
  • Permanent plausibility check
  • Reduced sales workload
  • More time for customers and acquisitions
  • Solid database in management
  • Generate documents simply
  • Optimum data exchange between departments

Complex products? No problem!

Products that are varied and require explanation need to be revised by sales, construction and production, while sales depend on additional assistance from other departments. This makes work processes slower and more costly. Standard queries and routine work cost your sales team time that is subsequently lacking for customer contacts, acquisitions and sales. Enomic reduces the need for reviews with other departments to a minimum since specialist know-how, production tasks and pricing are made available in an easy to use, rule-based sales system.

Perfect offer documents by pressing a button

Even drawing up and compiling sales-orientated offer documents requires a lot of work and time. Missing data and information must be determined, revised, prepared and formatted. The more individual the customer requirements are, and the more complex the products on offer, the longer it takes to create sales-orientated documents. With Enomic you can generate optimum customer-specific offer documents with all content, attachments and variants – even in foreign languages.