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Accelerate complex calculations with flexible rules!

Find optimum prices securely and easily

To ensure a company's economic success, it's important to find the right price for products and services. Prices must be competitive and commercially secured.

The functions that are provided by ERP and accounting software are often insufficient for complex calculation schemas. Spreadsheets are not usually a long-term, viable solution either, since the complexity required to maintain and use them requires a lot of effort and means they are prone to errors.

Things are different with the configurator-based calculation solutions from Enomic.

Results with Enomic

  • Individual calculation schema
  • Guided calculations
  • Accelerate calculations
  • Automatic rule application
  • Accurate calculations
  • Easy maintenance of the body of rules
  • Simulate calculations
  • Generate reports
  • Solid basis for controlling
  • Extend ERP and CRM functions

Your calculation schema - the more complex the better

Fast and secure calculations are only possible if all relevant information is comprehensively documented and usable. At Enomic, your calculation schema is mapped in a flexible body of rules which makes operation and data maintenance simpler, even if your calculation logic is especially complex. 

Flexible for special solutions, price lists & reports

You don't have to sacrifice flexibility: your calculation system is created so that you can always map any special calculation variants that are required by company practice. After all, we know that individual agreements exist with many customers and these have to be taken into account in the calculation processes. You can also create individual price lists, offers, reports and so on.

Data basis for controlling

Valid output data is required for reliable controlling. However, if this data is concealed and unstructured in offer documents or in complicated Excel sheets, then reporting is usually unsuccessful. This also makes simulating and forecasting calculations virtually impossible. Working with rough estimates always involves large-scale commercial risks. Things are different with Enomic, since calculations and pricing are become more secure and you also get a better overview of the calculation data.