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Maximise revenue growth with dynamic price discrimination.

Optimise profits with yield management and dynamic pricing

In many sectors today, defining a static price for a product or service in a sales period just isn't enough. Fluctuating demand, changes in willingness to pay or aggressive offers from competition all demand dynamic pricing adjustments.

The right price differentiation strategy is simultaneously the key to using existing capacities as efficiently as possible and, therefore, a powerful tool for maximising profits.

Enomic's rule-based calculation solutions help you put your price differentiation strategy successfully into practice.

Results with Enomic

  • Individual calculation schema
  • Differentiated calculations
  • Price differentiation
  • Dynamic yield control and
    revenue management 
  • Take customer segments into account
  • Profit-maximising capacity usage
  • Customer-specific prices
  • Easy maintenance of the body of rules
  • Documentation and reports
  • Optimum database for analyses
  • Interface to SAP IS-U, Oracle Siebel, etc.
  • Connection to CRM, ERP, call centre, website etc.

Revenue management: system-based yield maximisation

Originating from the aviation industry, revenue management (also known as yield management) is a profit maximising strategy that is being successfully used in many sectors. Supported by integrated information technology, prices are dynamically aligned with product availability to ensure the profit-maximising use of capacities by forming customer segments and service bundles.

It is used in particular for "perishable products", services that lose their value if they are not sold by a certain expiration date. These occur in the transport and travel industry, during order production, in event management, and in energy supply and telecommunications.

Enomic's calculation solutions help you design and implement your revenue management solution.

Dynamic pricing – the right price at the right time

Dynamic pricing (also referred to as variable pricing, time based pricing or real-time pricing) refers to a provider's strategic approach of changing prices at any time within the sales process. The provider can thereby react dynamically to changes in terms of demand or competition. Here, too, the objective is to maximise total revenue.

A company's ability to adapt its prices to changing conditions in the shortest space of time is now considered a critical success factor in many sectors such as telecommunications and tourism, e-commerce and retail trade.

The option of frequently changing prices requires corresponding business models and business processes to be developed within the sales departments. The calculation software from Enomic can help with this.